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Inter-Greek Council

Representatives of the Greek organizations form a council to coordinate fraternity activities on campus; to foster cooperation and good will among the fraternities and sororities, the University, and area neighborhoods; and to enforce the IGC constitution and by-laws governing all Greek organizations.

Membership in IGC is determined by the rules set forth in the IGC Constitution.  Any group wishing to petition the IGC as a new member should contact the Division of Student Affairs to obtain the guidelines for new memberships. Only those fraternities or sororities that have qualified and been elected to membership in IGC are permitted to recruit or advertise on behalf of a sorority or fraternity at USciences.  Students who choose to participate in activities by an unauthorized sorority or fraternity will be considered in violation of the IGC Constitution and in violation of the USciencespolicy. Reference the list of sanctioned fraternities and sororities prior to participating in any group activity.

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Inter-Greek Council