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Welcome to Renewal College Fellowship!

The vision of Renewal College Fellowship is that one would be able to hear the Gospel, grow in Christ, be nurtured and equipped for ministry and then mobilized to build His kingdom. It is our hope that this would be accomplished through the caring RCF Christian community all for the glory of God. Through the community given at the university, students will be able to worship, pray, and have Bible-study with fellow peers. Renewal doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. Regardless of where a student is at on his/her spiritual journey, Renewal can be a place where one can grow.



Renewal meets in a few different ways: 
  1. Small groups meet on or near USciences campus for Bible study and fellowship (and sometimes trips to Chinatown!). Check the Campus Update for meeting and event times.
  1. Large group: students from colleges all over Philly meet at UPenn campus
    FRIDAYS at Claudia Cohen Hall.  See for more details and ride information. 

  1. Sunday Service: Renewal Presbyterian Church located at 4723 Spruce St, is a Bible-believing church that meets for worship service at 10AM and 12 NOON every Sunday.  Our vision: “To renew lives in Christ to transform our city and the world!” For details and ride information, see


Dr. Daniel Hussar, Advisor